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Healing Offerings

I offer a range of therapeutic and healing services. Therapy services are provided via an accessible, secure and confidential virtual platform. See below for more details on offerings.



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Individual Therapy

Seeking therapy can be a useful and supportive tool during any phase of life, and especially when one is experiencing major challenges, transition, or emerging through transformation.


I work primarily with Black womxn and adolescents, along with Queer, Trans, & non-binary BIPOC, around issues related to healing from trauma, reclaiming agency over one's life, mood/emotional regulation, intersectional identity development, coping with chronic stress, improving relationships, and increasing one's overall access to wellness, joy, and pleasure. 

When working with youth I like to work closely with parents and caregivers, in hopes of supporting the parent-child relationship. Connecting with their teachers, service providers, and other adults who play a major role in their life, can also be helpful. 

Supervision & Training

Supervising clinicians-in-training is one of joys of being a therapist for me.I've grown to understand the importance of the relationship between therapist and supervisor, as one that provides grounding and fertile space for one to emerge as the therapist/healer one desires and to be and that the world needs. I enjoy supporting clinicians at various stages in their training and careers, in professional development, theoretical grounding, and exploration of liberatory, justice-oriented modalities. I am available to provide contract supervision for individuals or groups working in agencies and organizations in California.


Connecting with dreams is one way that has rooted and accelerated my own healing and growth. Through dedicated practices building relationship with sleep, dreams, and rest, along with deep study of various dreamwork modalities (Jungian, Gestalt, African/Indigenous, Freudian) I have experienced the beauty and transformation available when paying attention to your dreams. Dreamwork is not considered therapy, though it can be deeply healing and transformative. I am available to support people with deepening their connection and understanding their dreams individually or in groups. 


I have many years of experience offering trauma-informed mental health consultation to various systems, including schools, non-profits, and various healing organizations. We would prioritize assessing the needs of your organization to then develop a plan for consultation moving forward. Areas of consultation include: trauma-informed care and healing-centered systems, restorative practices, dismantling anti-blackness and implementing anti-racist practices, and improving access to quality care for QTPOC consumers. 

Click below to schedule a consultation or learn more about healing services.

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