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Tell Me Something About Love

Interview series

A bi-weekly interview series showcasing our commitment and creativity as QT BIPOC in pursuing and offering ourselves and each other love in the ways we want. When we imagine outside of the box, the possibilities are endless!

Episode 5:

Kei and G

BEYONDEEP was created by a married polyamorous couple, G and Kei. Through their queer and trans lens, they use multimedia art, including adult films, to represent, empower, and give joy to their community. They share their gifts to spread love, promote healing, and create space for the unconventional, controversial, and the erotic.

Episode 4:

Mia & Zee

Zee and Mia a trans couple of 3 years from Houston, Texas, share about the healing they experienced in loving another trans person, ways they've navigated boundaries, sex, and  pleasure, as a monogamous couple who both do sex work.  Mia & Zee hope that by being visible and open about their experiences, it will help raise awareness and educate on trans issues and ultimately stop the violence towards trans communties.

Episode 3:

Sonya Renee Taylor

Sonya Renee Taylor, author of The Body Is Not An Apology,  openly shares about her journey in embodying radical self love. We talked about practicing self love in moments during times of being single and desiring partnership, as well as, maintaining autonomy and self-love through partnerhsip. 

Episode 2:

Daniel & Ignacio

Ignacio and Daniel, independent polyamorous partners share about being in love, building their capacity for commitment though freedom, and acknowledging mistakes in relationships. It was a pleasure to witness their love and to get so many tips and tools about honest relating.

Episode 1:

Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is our first guest! She shares about early lessons about love and relationships that she learned from her mother. She also talks about how her boundaries and expectations have evolved over time and ways that she is experiencing love outside of romantic relationships.

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