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Our base package, Golden, guarantees you 1-2 dates within a 4-6 week time period. This package includes a in-depth Love Connection Interview where your matchmaker will get to know your unique hopes, desires, and needs for partnership. Golden is designed for folks who want to test the waters and are eager and optimistic about finding a good match. You will receive communication from your matchmaker throughout the 4-6 week process of matchmaking and once you're matched, you will have access to one follow-up meeting with matchmaker to share your satisfaction with the match and determine next steps. 

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XO is a month to month offering for those seeking consistent support with uncovering relational patterns, healing wounds, and clarifying needs and desires, in preparation for the love you desire. This package includes bi-weekly relational coaching for up to 6 months. Coaching includes 1-on-1 sessions with matchmaker along with reflective exercises and activities to practice in between sessions. This session aims to enhance self-awareness, deepen clarity around relational desires and hopes, and expand one's capacity to believe the love you want is possible and prepare to receive it. At the end of the XO process, you will also have the opportunity to complete a Love Connection interview and begin with matchmaking.

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Honey is a matchmaking package for ​folks who prefer a more spacious and selective experience. This offering begins with a Love Connection Interview to get to know your unique hopes, desires, and needs for partnership. It can include up to 6 dates/matches, over up to 6-9 months. The Honey package caters to those who want to weight their options, are non-monogamous,  are disengaging from serial monogamy, or simply want to experience the variety of dating multiple people. You'd start with the base package, receiving 1-2 dates for $600, then $440 for each subsequent date. You also have access to your matchmaker throughout the process to reflect on dates, reexamine and reimagine desires, and make clear decisions about your next steps.

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Special Affair


Special affair is our most comprehensive package. This offering begins with the Love Connection interview, and continues with 1-on-1 relational coaching and personally curated matchmaking. ​You'll be able to reflect, unpack, and heal with the support of your matchmaker, while also connecting with potential dates/matches and receiving support with accountability through the process. This package is geared towards those who are prioritizing attracting the love they want now, and being wholly ready to receive it. It is a combination of all of our packages combined, and is the most intensive services we offer, for those who are centering bringing love into their lives now.

Matchmaking is a process for folks ready to take a proactive approach and receive direct support in their love/dating life.   Click to get started.

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